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We are happy to announce that both State board and ICSE students acheived 100% results in the March/April 2024 Examination.        


“The greatness of a nation lies in the greatness of its people”, it is this motto of my school that keeps me motivated at every stage of my life till date. My school is my pride as it is a dream built by Dr.M Munireddy (Surgical Oncologist and Philanthropist) ,whose only vision was to build a great nation and what better way than providing quality education to the children (esp of rural areas ) at minimal fees.
He not just started the school with this vision but took responsibility to visit us every Saturday and conduct personality development classes where he spoke about topics like curtesy , honesty , cleanliness , life lessons of Mahatma Gandhi that add huge value to our lives in being a better person and to the society that we grew in. It was 2014 when i completed my B.E in Computer science yet couldn’t work as an IT professional due to my personal choices . And in 2015 I completed a crash course in Interior designing but within me was a passion to serve as a teacher( like my mom), so I decided to come back to my school and volunteered to teach for the next 5 years , meanwhile I also pursued my B.Ed in correspondence. ( It was my little gesture to give back to my school that shaped my future )
As Covid hit us in 2020, I decided to learn something new and spent enough time learning about Stock market and with an experience of 3+ years in this field , today I am a full-time Trader and an entrepreneur owning an interior designing venture called “Designs by m&a”.
Each day has been a learning for me .
Always remember , in a world full of opportunities if one door closes there is always another door that opens , and I owe my zeal to learn and explore new opportunities to my Alma mater , my teachers and my inspiration since my school days , Dr.M.Munireddy sir . I am forever grateful to have grown under your guidance !

VINUTHA M.V ( Class of 2008)
B.E in computer science from PESIT South Campus
Crash course in interior designing (LISAA school of design)
B.Ed (Physics and Mathematics)
Entrepreneur | Full-time Trader(stock market enthusiast)

"School life was the BEST LIFE they say and it’s indeed true in my case, which gave lots of confidence, motivation and filled with memories. Place where I started learning alphabets and can solve the equations using the same.
From 1st Batch pass out - Thanks to all my proficient teachers responsible for my success. Currently working in Microchip India, a reputed semiconductor company as a designer engineer (Chip Design).
Special thanks to School Management (Dr Muni Reddy, CL Gowda … ) who were very humble and energetic in giving good education to us".


"It is with immense pride that I reflect on my formative years spent at Mahatma Vidyalaya, a school that epitomizes excellence in education. From my earliest days in LKG to the culmination of my 10th standard, Mahatma Vidyalaya provided me with a nurturing environment that fostered both personal and academic growth.
The faculty, with their unwavering dedication and exceptional teaching abilities, played a pivotal role in shaping my educational journey. I am particularly grateful for Dr. Munireddy Sir's classes, held every Saturday, which not only refreshed my mind but also helped me overcome stage fear and introduced me to new perspectives.
Today, as I pursue my Masters in Data Science at Christ University, I realize the profound impact Mahatma Vidyalaya has had on my life. The school not only equipped me with the necessary skills for academic success but also instilled in me the confidence to face any challenge head-on. I am forever grateful for the invaluable lessons and memories Mahatma Vidyalaya has bestowed upon me."

KUSHAL R (Batch of 2017).

" Education is an important part of life. Schools are the doors of education that leads to the success and plays a significant role in shaping the future personality of every individual. My school Mahatma Vidyalaya was built by a great visionary Dr. Muni Reddy sir, who is a true inspiration to all of us. Beyond academics, my school provided us an opportunity to explore new things, participate in all extracurricular activities moreover taught us to face all challenges in life with a positive attitude by conducting personality development classes. My teachers were my pillar of strength who supported me, encouraged me and believed in me.
l takes this opportunity to thank all my teachers and management who made those 12 years, the best and most unforgettable journey. Today with the blessings of almighty, my parents and my teachers I am a doctor, graduated from The Oxford medical College. "SUCCESS is not final, FAILURE is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts".

Dr . SHRUJANA SHIVASHANKAR (Class of 2014) .
“ ಕಳೆದು ಹೋದ ಶಾಲೆಯ ಪುಟಗಳು “

Mahatma Vidyalaya - a selfless institution which gives not just education but builds one's strong character. I feel very accomplished and proud to be a student from this place. Passed out in 2014, penning this down in 2024.....just got flashes of few teachers like Vinayak sir teaching those Kannada poems flawlessly, The narration of Julius Caesar by Komal mam (Hands Down the best English teacher), Solving mathematics with Ramesh sir was so much fun. My favourite memory is attending interschool competition in different schools along with my 2 other best friends Dr. Srujana and Dr. Pavan Kumar N. School always encouraged such activities and also conducted various cultural and sport events in the school which added to the overall development.
I would like to take this moment and thank everyone, right from the founder and the chairperson to all the support staff including bus drivers who made those 8 years, a memorable journey. 10 years down, and so much happened. Today I'm a doctor, completed my MBBS from Vydehi Medical College. Never planned anything in life. Just grab every opportunity on my way and cherish every bit of it. Want to quote this line by Kuvempu. " ಕೈ ಮುಗಿದು ಕೇಳುವುದಕ್ಕೆ ಏನಿದೆ? ಜೀವನವೇ ಒಂದು ಉಡುಗೊರೆ ಅಲ್ಲವೇ? ".
Life is the biggest gift you have received, make sure u don't waste it.

Dr. Manoj A (Batch of 2014)

Education is an essential part of our lives. We have all been to school and we have loved each and every moment we have spent over there as those were the building blocks of our lives. A school is a place where students are taught the fundamentals of life, as well as how to grow and survive in life. It instils in us values and principles that serve as the foundation for a child’s development.
My school is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it gives me a platform to do better in life and also builds my personality. I feel blessed to study in one of the most prestigious and esteemed schools in the city. In addition, my school has a lot of assets which makes me feel fortunate to be a part of it.
My school strikes the perfect balance between modern education and vintage architecture. The vintage buildings of my school never fail to mesmerize me with their glorious beauty. However, their vintage architecture does not mean it is outdated, as it is well-equipped with all the contemporary gadgets. I see my school as a lighthouse of education bestowing knowledge as well as ethical conduct upon us.
In contrast to other schools, my school does not solely focus on academic performance. In other words, it emphasizes on the overall development of their students. Along with our academics, extra-curricular activities are also organized at our school. This is one of the main reasons why I love my school as it does not measure everyone on the same scale. Our hardworking staff gives time to each child to grow at their own pace which instils confidence in them. My school has all the facilities of a library, computer room, playground, basketball court and more, to ensure we have it all at our disposal.
If someone asked me what I have learned from my school, I won’t be able to answer it in one sentence. For the lessons are irreplaceable and I can never be thankful enough for them. I learned to share because of my school. The power of sharing and sympathy was taught to me by my school. I learned how to be considerate towards animals and it is also one of the main reasons why I adopted a pet.
A school is a place where I developed my artistic skills which were further enhanced by my teachers. Subsequently, it led me to participate in inter-school completions through which I earned various awards. Most importantly, my school taught me how to face failures with grace and never give up on my ambitions, no matter what happens.

Thank You
Mithun G Reddy (Lawyer)


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